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The Mount’s own Influencer: The Life and Work of Judith Herndon

Among them was a signature left behind by Herndon, “big and bold and red”.
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In Her Own Words: Senator Judith Herndon

Judith Herndon was the original and best kind of influencer. Before her death at the all-too-young age of 39, Herndon had already served in the Wes...
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The Opus of the Hook Organ: The Fascinating Life of a Mount Artifact

“Simply stated, the pipe organ is a big box of whistles.”

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Class of '71

To the Mountain Mamas of ’71 – Thanks for the memories! Dear reader, the following post was written to honor the Mount de Chantal class of 1971 and...
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Blog's Out for Summer!

From looks back at “what I did over the summer” to prose written by students, our yearbook collection was once again full of inspiration. While la...
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The Night of the Angry Mob

By Christina Fisanick The Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling, Virginia, was just four years old on January 4, 1854 when Archbishop Gaetano Bedini...
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