Blog's Out for Summer!

Blog's Out for Summer!
Blog's Out for Summer!

From looks back at “what I did over the summer” to prose written by students, our yearbook collection was once again full of inspiration. While late 20th and early 21st century students shared pictures of their adventures, girls from earlier years reminisced instead through prose.

This selection, “The Summer House” from the 1927 yearbook is an ode to then student Edith Chadduck’s favorite spot on the Mount’s Campus. The Summer House was a small wooden structure near the grotto during those years. Chadduck wrote:

“In the little summer house near the path leading to the Grotto, I love to rest and feel the warm spring breezes; to gaze down into the ravine at the dainty spring beauties and violets, and farther away, the little brook flowing gently by. Sometimes I enjoy watching the girls play tennis on the slightly elevated courts, but more often the sun’s glare induces me to turn my eyes elsewhere, and I rest them in the cool shades of the Grotto. For just a few minutes, I dream of home, for every breeze, the very fluttering of leaves brings thoughts of summer. But the visits to my cozy bower are very short, for in the midst of my reveries, I hear the bell ring for my studies.”

Ten years later, the class of 1940’s Margaret Devine, echoed a similar sentiment as she spoke from the perspective of many an alumnae’s favorite places, the Mount’s many porches. In the 1937 yearbook, she wrote:

“June here already again? My, how the school years fly! This month is the busiest and most exciting of the year as it brings Distribution and Alumnae Day, the happiest and yet saddest day of the year. I have the happiness to see again many of my dear “old” friends who have changed by little, and their greetings are as heartfelt, and (Dare I say it?) almost as noisy as when they were school girlies like you. It seems when they are back with us, they forget the little hardships that may have crossed their paths since we last met, and it flatters me to hear them speak again and again of the grand times they have enjoyed on my surface.

Well, goodbye, dear Students, until next September, and to those of you to home Distribution means you school days are over, I wish happiness and success in your future undertakings and hope you will return to us often. My cement is always in your service.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our musings from the Mount’s archives and yearbooks over the past year. We plan to take the next couple of months to regroup and come back with some fresh content for you to enjoy. In the meantime, enjoy your summer!


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