1925 Forward - MdeC

1925 Forward - MdeC
1925 Forward - MdeC
"Welcome, oh! welcome!" sounds the glad refrain That lingers long in cadence sweet and true, A thousand tender greetings bring we As earnest of our Mother's love for you
Within these pages of the Year Book we meet again in spirit with the girls of yesteryears, surrounded by their loving greetings, with messages from many climes. Once more we dream of the days that are gone, days hallowed with sweet memories which time but renders dearer to our hearts; days made joyous by happy friendships.which years but strengthen as they pass; days filled with loving counsel, which life buy proves is all to rare. 

Returning now we bring hearts filled with gratitude to Mother and the Sisters, wise counsellors and dear teachers who led us safely through the vast wilderness of books; who guided our steps along the stony path of study and shielded us from the pools of error, that we might slake our thirst in slender stream of knowledge. Ever sagacious, patient, steadfast, the sanctity of their lives as well as their literary accomplishments have made them beacon lights of love to us, illumination dark hours and giving an added glamour to our happiest moments. 

True, some dear companions o those days may be scattered afar even as petals of the summer flowers before the autumn winds; but, lingering among these love surroundings, old time fancies and haunting memories live again. The associations of school days come back enhanced and made richer by a sense of gratitude to the past, and ties of friendship, once so sweet, are renewed and strengthened in the reunion of hearts that find a common bond in loyalty to the Mount. 
We welcome the new members of the Alumnae Association to our charmed circle, which like a golden chain binds us to Alma Mater, - ad ever growing chain where each link, tried and proven, is a noble woman. We bid them enter the broad domain where past and present stand  in glowing splendor and loyalty reigns over all. We ask their devotion to help us form an ever strong guard of honor around our beloved Mount. 



Irene Fallon Gillooly -  Class of 1912

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