I’m not Bossy, I’m the Boss. A Day in the Life of the Wheeling Feeling

I’m not Bossy, I’m the Boss.  A Day in the Life of the Wheeling Feeling, Part 2: Vanessa
I’m not Bossy, I’m the Boss. A Day in the Life of the Wheeling Feeling, Part 2: Vanessa

Happy Day -- another week. Every day I start about 5:45am. I make coffee in my French press as I haven’t had the time to descale the Keurig. Julian, my mini schnauzer, wants to go out now but he will have to wait till the sun is up a bit so I can do a scan for coyotes. I know it’s a thing I have to worry about. Living in California, I no longer watch for deer. You have to watch for coyotes so they don’t hurt your dog.

 Monday-Wednesday I usually have Zoom meetings at 6:30 am. In my day job I work as a graphic and web designer for an East Coast-based medical society.  Things have been hectic as we move our annual meeting to virtual. So, we prep and be creative to make this the BEST virtual meeting it can be.

 After I’m done with my day job, I head to the wineries for some quick meetings.

They are bottling when I arrive and I listen to the sound of the glass bottles clanking and watch the winery team do their bottling dance.  Riesling is the wine of the day. After a quick chat and some doodles, I got the Master Winemaker’s project idea. Plus, I score a fresh bottled Riesling that I can sample later.

I know what you're thinking…. WOW where are you? Nope, not Napa. Even better! TEMECULA. If you haven’t been here before you need to make it a stop in your California adventure. We are a small but big town. The wineries are amazing, but what I love the most is the passion and love that each winemaker puts into their wines.

 What’s your favorite wine? Well, Merlot Rosé is my first love. This girl does not need roses. But I will take a Temecula Rosé all day!

 Once I’m home, it’s back to the computer for a few more hours. Winery #2 is getting ready to bottle three wines at the end of the month, so I go back and forth with the winemaker to get the artwork to the screen printer for the bottles. Plus, we added a sweet touch on the new design of a seal. I await approval to get that over to my printer so we meet the bottling day deadline.  

 Winery #3 – They need more custom masks for the team plus some uniform help. I agree to swing by Friday to discuss sweater options.

 Next, I work on the business I own with my husband: Division Work Wear. We been working on this business for three years. We just launched our online store for safety apparel. We landed a 40-store account, so we are working hard creating their client online store. We run production and fulfillment of their requested products and we focus on Safety Vests / FR workwear/ Hard hats/Truck & Equipment Decals and more. Basically, if it’s safety orange or safety green, we got that!  

Next, I email my amazing Graphic Designer. It’s important to me to empower others, so when looking for graphic design help, I wanted to hire someone from WV. I found Emily at Overlook Design. She is based in Morgantown and it was clear she had all I that needed to help me out. Plus, her design style was similar to mine. After a web meeting, I knew she’d be perfect. I really want to hug her, but for now, VIRTUAL HUG!  I’m very excited to utilize her talent moving forward.

More Zoom meetings…

I’m super excited that I had a zoom meeting with Cassie and our new writer, Christina Fisanick! When we started our MdeC project, I wasn’t sure how well the new blog posts would be received. After some coffee donations and good web tracking, we are now able to bring on another writer. I feel Christina will be a great fit to the team as she helps bring the hidden stories in the archives to life.

Next stop MAIL! And guess what I got? A letter from the IRS stating that this girl is officially an LLC. Amazing! Now for more paperwork of updating W9’s. BOSS!

Crazy to think it’s been 12 years since I left Wheeling and headed west. And this adventure keeps me busy that’s for sure. Speaking of, it’s time to get back to work because I need to get these t-shirt designs finalized. And launch that contest I wanted to do.




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