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The Mount’s own Influencer: The Life and Work of Judith Herndon

Among them was a signature left behind by Herndon, “big and bold and red”.
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In Her Own Words: Senator Judith Herndon

Judith Herndon was the original and best kind of influencer. Before her death at the all-too-young age of 39, Herndon had already served in the Wes...
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The Opus of the Hook Organ: The Fascinating Life of a Mount Artifact

“Simply stated, the pipe organ is a big box of whistles.”

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The Night of the Angry Mob

By Christina Fisanick The Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling, Virginia, was just four years old on January 4, 1854 when Archbishop Gaetano Bedini...
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May Party Musings: Queens, Dancing, and the Most Important Day of the Year

May Party seems like one of those traditions that we always did without fully knowing why, like Easter Eggs and Mistletoe. It was a major part of t...
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Whatever: The Wheeling film that Almost didn’t get Made, Part Two

by Christina Fisanick Obviously, 1981 Mount graduate, Michelle Yahn, was incredibly disappointed when she was told that Whatever, the movie she wa...
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