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Thoughts from Sister Joanne...

It may technically be summer break, but we received some notes from Sister Joanne Gonter that are too important not to share. If you read our last ...
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May Party Musings: Queens, Dancing, and the Most Important Day of the Year

May Party seems like one of those traditions that we always did without fully knowing why, like Easter Eggs and Mistletoe. It was a major part of t...
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Whatever: The Wheeling film that Almost didn’t get Made, Part Two

by Christina Fisanick Obviously, 1981 Mount graduate, Michelle Yahn, was incredibly disappointed when she was told that Whatever, the movie she wa...
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An X-Rated Film Shot at the Mount? Whatever!

by Christina Fisanick For 160 years the women of Mount De Chantal Visitation Academy were known for their poise, intellect, and independence. An...
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The Princess and the Page make Headlines with Cup Win

              Today we journey back to a time when people gathered in large groups to watch live performances. No, not that magical time that was 2...
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The Mount Girls & the Black Panther Rally

It made radio, television, and print news for days: three Mount de Chantal students staged a Black Panther rally at Wheeling High School!
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