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Archive Visit Number Three: Linens and Vitamins and a Sister with a Station Wagon

CARE was recognized by all European countries, and its food packages reached their destination without serious damage. Monasteries in countries that were in “enemy territory” were included. Our collection of their letters of gratitude is touching, even in these late years of the 20th Century.
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Archive Visit Number Two: “We were once, but very, very long ago, small like you…”

The approach of the machines was heard. They started praying aloud again altogether. It was the Rosary. Everybody prayed. An alternative of thundering was heard. The heads were bent. Everyone felt death hovering above him. 
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Archive Visit Number One: “Great distress, sickness and misery raging”

“How can we express in words all they had been obliged to suffer from fright and anxiety, from artillery fire, from pillage and expulsion?”

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Introducing the Mount de Chantal Archives

I’m willing to bet that more than few of you reading this have had dreams about the Mount. I only attended the Mount from preschool through the 4th...
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1925 Forward - MdeC

"Welcome, oh! welcome!" sounds the glad refrain That lingers long in cadence sweet and true, A thousand tender greetings bring we As earnest of our...
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To the Girls of '82, Greetings:

March 6th, 1925 Just a little incident of the dear old school days. Do you remember the "Flappers" of '82? No? Well, I'll recite a little history w...
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