What is the Wheeling Feeling ?
Growing up in Wheeling, WV, you quickly learn your city is rich in its own history. Deeply rooted in the history of West Virginia it’s hard not to fall in love with the small town and appreciate its story. Wheeling has been called “The Friendly City” and former locals often use the term “Wheeling Feeling” when referencing heading home for a visit. These designs are intended to celebrate our town’s rich history as well as our WV pride.

Who’s making these things anyway?
WE ARE! Yes, we are actually Screen-printing & Designing each shirt. So no, we are not sending these off to someone else to do for us. Each garment is carefully selected and each design carefully thought out & made by US!

We are alumni of Linsly, West Virginia University, Mount de Chantal & West Liberty University. We’ve spent a good amount of time in “Wild & Wonderful West Virginia” and though our feet might take us elsewhere, we’ll always be Mountain Mamas at heart. 


PS : Like our photos? Please check out our official photographer- Erin Yaeger of Wheeling,WV